Why work at

Our employees are at the heart of our success. It is thanks to you, to your talent and skills, that ITB attains its goals

Our employees are the key players in ITB’s success, they are our best ambassadors in the field with our clients and they are our best asset for moving forward together. Thanks to your initiatives, your projects, your commitment to satisfy our clients and to evolve we are able to  successfully carry out our many different projects. So why work at ITB?

Because we cultivate your entrepreneurial drive

Taking initiatives, assessing risks, envisioning success and attaining it… Our culture is based on a sense of responsibility and confidence in our teams. We believe in our employees and in their ideas. Take part in building the future by joining us.

Because our diversity is an asset

ITB wants to be an inclusive employer, an environment where everyone feels good, where everyone gets equal opportunities, regardless of their gender, sex or culture. Everyone (she’s/them/he’s) has the right to be who they are and must be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. We see diversity as a strength and it is our base for sustainable business. That is why our vacancies are open to anyone who meets the competences described in the job description.

It doesn’t matter what your profile is, we are looking for motivated people who share our passion for the job. We offer everyone the same opportunities with access to training and career development prospects. Our shared aspiration to succeed is our strength. Join a group that is proud of its human assets.

Because we help you develop your skills

We invest in developing the skills of our talented employees: personalized coaching, training, in-house career opportunities… Whatever your background, we create the environment you need to enhance your skills. The fulfillment of your potential makes us stronger.

Because “real successes are the ones that are shared”

We grow as we welcome new talent, integrate new technologies, and develop diverse approaches… The pooling of knowledge is clearly an asset for all and we privilege open exchanges and networking. Cooperation between business units and teams is an integral part of our everyday reality, namely through the network. We share resources, know-how and activities. To work at ITB is to work in a group where people learn from one another.

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